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Epic Charging

Epic 48, 48 Amp EV Smart Charger, Level 2 AC, 11 kW, LAN, WiFi connectivity

Epic 48, 48 Amp EV Smart Charger, Level 2 AC, 11 kW, LAN, WiFi connectivity

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Power connecton
  • 4.3” LCD Screen, QR, RFID
  • 48A 11.5kW options
  • UL standards, ETL certified, FCC, Energy Star
  • LAN, WiFi, 4G LTE, OCPP 1.6J compliant
  • Epic48 3-year warranty
  • Smart charging software 1 year free license.Start stop, schedule, charging reports, payments terminal included 
*Fleet bundle available: State of Charge, Parking lot handshake, LCFS reporting, AI Routes, Demand-Response trading. See 1 minute demo to learn more.
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This charger is great whether you want to install it at your home or at your business parking lot.
Great for apartment complexes, coffee shops, convenience stores, boutique hotels or even your Abnb houses. Perfect way to make extra cash and attract more customers to your home or business. 48 Amp, 11.5 kW rating.
Flexible software provided by allows you process payments in less than 10 seconds using QR code or with any RFID card from any network operator. Software automatically generates usage reports, including energy consumption, cost, and charging revenue.
Epic Charging can submit these reports and monetize carbon credits, creating even more revenue for the owner of the charger.
Software designed to prevent demand charges to make sure you never increase the site load. Fleet bundle is available.
Connect fleet telematics and optimize your charging time, battery life, and ultimately total cost of fleet ownership and operations.
Epic Charging charger is eligible for 2023 federal tax rebate and most of California utility rebate programs. Great opportunity to save money, no need to commit to quantity, pay as you order. UL certification, FCC, Energy Star.
Eligible for most of the California rebates programs including CAleVIP, SCE, Energize, LADWP etc. Volume discounts available contact Pedestals with and without cable management Hard wired, installation available for additional charge.


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